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The Mafia  

wmob: the wiretap network
Audio 'episodes' of conversations of NYC Genovese family mobster Federico "Fritzy" Giovanelli, culled from FBI wiretaps. Hear Fritzy and his mob pal, Frank "Frankie California" Condo talk up food, sex, work, and more.

Rick Porrello's
Includes profiles and news of Mafia activity in U.S. cities, as well as photos, forums, and information about Porrello's book Superthief.

Gangsters Incorporated
Contains photos and information on organized crime and the mafia in the U.S., Russia, Europe, and Japan.

Chicago Historical Society: Al Capone
Explores the notorious gangster's past with biography, photographs, and artifacts.

Al Capone Museum
Includes articles about Alphonse Capone, photo galleries, and a profile of his wife, Mae.

FBI Famous Cases: Alphonse Capone
Details Capone's criminal career and law enforcement efforts to prosecute him.

FBI Files: Al (Alphonse) Capone
Documents related to the Bureau's investigation of the gangster between 1929 and 1931.

Al Capone: Made in America
Biography examining Al Capone's youth and rise to power, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, his imprisonment, and his death in seclusion in Florida.

Al Capone Verdict
National Archives and Records Administration exhibit featuring the verdict from Capone's 1931 trial for tax evasion. Al Capone Quizzes
Offers a two quizzes dealing with the Chicago mobster Al Capone.

New York Times: Capone Dead At 48; Dry Era Gang Chief
1947 New York Times obituary for gangster Al Capone. 20th Century History - Al Capone
Directory of web sites dedicated to Al Capone, the famous gangster who ruled Chicago's organized crime during the second half of the 1920s.

Wikipedia: Mafia
User-created article about the Mafia, with information about its origin, background in Sicily, history in the U.S., and its structure and terminology.

Bernardo Provenzano
Exhaustive information on Bernardo Provenzano, which includes a biography of the Italian mobster written by journalists Salvo Palazzolo and Ernesto Oliva. In Italian.

Wikipedia: Bernardo Provenzano
Biography of Sicilian mafia leader Bernardo Provenzano who was a fugitive for 43 years before being captured in Rome on April 11, 2006, at the age of 73.

BBC News: Bernardo Provenzano
Profile of Bernardo Provenzano the mafia leader known as "The Tractor" who was convicted of multiple murders in absentia.

Bernardo "The Tractor" Provenzano
Details Bernardo Provenzano's rise through the Sicilian Mafia to the head of the criminal empire in 1993, while in hiding.

Meyer Lansky
Official memorabilia museum for Meyer Lansky. Presents documents, photos, and merchandise.

Crime Library: Meyer Lansky - Mastermind of the Mob
Biography of his life and career in organized crime, written by Mark Gribben.

Crime Library: Sam Giancana
Extensive biography of crime boss Sam Giancana.

FBI Files: Mafia Monograph
Written by the FBI in 1958 as a study of the origin, nature, and activities of the Mafia in its native Sicily and how it was transplanted to the U.S.

Mob and Friends
Including mob talk, lawyers, friends, tales, and famous hits.

Mobspeak Glossary
Originally published in The Mafia Handbook. Offers definitions for mafia rhetoric.

Howstuffworks: How the Mafia Works
Provides a quick explanation about how the mafia operates, including its origin and a glossary.
Site covers the Cleveland mafia, organized crime in Ohio, and its connections in other states.

Mafia International
Starting point for anyone interested in organized crime and the mafia. Provides an introduction to the basics of Mafia history, photos, profiles, and links.

La Cosa Nostra
Offers orgins of how the mafia started, profiles of famous mobsters, chatrooms, mafia sound clips, and links.

Mobspeak: The Language of the Mafia
Article about the language used by members of the mafia.

Mafia Site, The
Information and links about the Cosa Nostra.

Wikipedia: Frank Nitti
User-generated overview of the life of Frank Nitti, the American gangster and "The Enforcer" in the Chicago mafia scene.

Frank Nitti ( The Enforcer )
Photo and biography.

Crime Magazine: The First Shooting of Frank Nitti
Article about a 1932 ambush.

La Cosa Nostra - Frnak Nitti
Biography and career information about the barber turned gangster.

mafia-international - Hollywood
Information about Nitti's role in a scheme to muscle in on Hollywood unions in the 1940s.

Siegel, Bugsy (1902-1947)
A Crime Library biography of the "celebrity gangster." Includes Bugsy's crime beginnings, prohibition days, his life in Vegas, and more.

Mr. Murder
Features Gangland Graveyard Museum, crime scene page, and more.

MobSite, The
Contains information on the Italian crime organization that is known as La Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours, the Mob, Our Thing, and, of course, the Mafia.

Mafia and The Mob Trivia
Test your mafia knowledge and take the six quizzes all about the crime underworld.

Detroit Outfit, The
Details the history of the motor city crime syndicate. Includes the River Gang, the Purple Gang, and Unione Sicilione.

Gangsters Incorporated: Yakuza
Provides profiles and articles about the yakuza and Japanese crime underworld.

Japan Times: How to Tell If Your Neighbor Is a Yakuza
News article writen by Amy Chavez. Offers her own take on the yakuza.

Cory's Mafia Page
Information on the Italian and Sicilian organized crime syndicate.

urbanography: Where "The Gangs" Lived
Commentary on the Five Points district and events compared to Martin Scorsese's film Gangs of New York. Site also includes clippings from newspaper articles from 1834 to 1857.

Crime Library: Lucky Luciano

Time 100: Lucky Luciano
Profile of the criminal mastermind.

FBI Files: Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Archive of the files kept by the FBI while investigating the famous gangster.

Jerry Capeci's Gang Land: Vincent "Chin" Gigante - The Pajama King
Profile of the New York City Mafia boss with links to related news articles.

Gangsters Incorporated: Vincent "Chin" Gigante
Profile of the odd gangster.

Guardian: Bad. But Mad?
Questions whether mobsters like Vincent "Chin" Gigante are faking dementia, or whether it's an occupational hazard.

Includes a biography and photo.

Crime Library: John Gotti
Biography of John Gotti known as the Teflon Don. Includes information about his early life, family, marriage, career, and mob politics.

Farewell to Gotti
Tribute by Eve Berliner.

Wikipedia: John Gotti
Profile of John Gotti, who was boss of the Gambino crime family.

In Memory of John Joseph Gotti
Features biography of Gotti, as well as mobster jokes.

Gotti: The Dapper Don
Provides history and biography of his life in the mafia, interviews, trial reports, audio files of admission, and more.

John Gotti: The Teflon Dapper Don
Provides pictures, links, and message board.

John "The Dapper Don" Gotti
Biography of the mobster John Gotti with information on his family. Includes audio excerpts from FBI surveillance tapes, where Gotti talks about being cosa nostra, lawyers as the real mafia, and what happens when people challenge his administration.

Smoking Gun: Blowing Up Gotti
Surveillance videotape clips from a two-day family visit that Victoria Gotti and her son made at the Illinois penitentiary with John Gotti.

CNN: A Thug In A Great-Looking Suit
Profile of John Gotti.

John Gotti Forum
Message board.

CNN: Dapper Don John Gotti Dead
Obituary from June 11, 2002.

John Gotti: The Teflon Don
Profile from BBC News.

Turncoat Underboss, The
Gang Land biography and articles about Salvatore Gravano.

Smoking Gun: Gravano
Provides FBI debriefings where Salvatore Gravano confesses to multiple murders.

Crime Library: Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Extensive biography of the mob hitman.

Sammy Gravano, a.k.a. "The Bull"
Short profile on the underboss.

Gangsters Incorporated: Salvatore "Sammy The Bull" Gravano
Profiles Gravano's life.

John (Junior) Gotti: Acting Boss
Biography of John A. Gotti, also known as Junior, who became the acting Gambino family boss when his mobster father, John J. Gotti, was thrown in jail.

John Gotti, Jr.
Brief description of John Gotti, Jr., who acted as the Gambino family boss from 1996-1999.

Feds Indict John Gotti Jr.
July 22, 2004, CBS news article detailing the indictment of John A. Gotti, son of the late Gambino boss.

Gambino, Carlo (1902-1976)

Good Fella Henry
Official site of Henry Hill, the ex-wiseguy turned rat/informant.

Gangsters Incorporated: Henry Hill
Includes a biography and photos.

Wikipedia: Henry Hill
Famous former FBI informant whose life was immortalized in the movie Goodfellas.

Crime Library: Lucchese Crime Family Epic

Crime Library: The Colombos: A Family at War
History of the crime family, starting with its days when it was known as the Profaci family. The Russian Mafia, aka Red Mafiya
Guided picks to articles and information.

Alexandre Konanykhine v. Russian Mafia

Frontline: Mafia Power Play
An investigation into the connections between Russian NHL players and Russian organized crime. Includes a glossary of Russian mafia slang and profiles of players in the report.

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Russian Mafia
News article from 1996.

Red Mafia
Profiles and pictures of major Russian Mafia members and other gangsters.

Russian Mafia Shakes Down The Country
Worldwide Media Relations article.

Wikipedia: Yakuza
Featuring the origin, history, structure, activities, rituals, and more about the Japanese mafia, Yakuza.

The Crime Library: The Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia
Examines the origins and traditions of the Yakuza.

Yakuza, The Japanese Mafia
News article gives the overview of the yakuza, a Japanese crime organization.

Details of its origin, organization, structure, tattoos, and more.

Crime and Conspiracies
Collection of articles about Yakuza, their fashion style, bloodbaths, seldom asked questions, house rules, and more.

Yakuza, The
Provides history of the orgins of yakuza.

Who Got Yakuza Into Our Banking System?
1996 article about how a Japanese crime organization could penetrate the Japan banking system so deeply. Writen by Takano Hajime, Editor-in-Chief, Insider.

MSNBC: Asian Gangs are Brothers in Crime
News story on Asian crime organizations, specifically the triads of China and the yakuza of Japan.


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